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Don't Lose Sight

Growth and goal-setting are of critical importance in life. We must constantly strive, we must keep reaching in order to become the best versions of ourselves. Life is like a river with a strong current: it is impossible to stay in place. We are either growing or falling behind, and we must take daily action in order to continue forward.

That said, it is quite easy to lose sight of the progress we've made, the things we've accomplished, and the blessings we possess. In striving for more, we must not lose sight of everything we are fortunate enough to have. A life where we don't appreciate the fruits of our labor is a sad life indeed.

This requires a delicate balance. It's important to be grateful, but not complacent. We can appreciate everything we have while also striving for more. If we have the ability to push further, to set the bar higher, then we owe it to ourselves to do so.

Gratitude can help prevent us from burning the candle at both ends. If we are thankful, it's possible to achieve happiness that isn't tied to a result. Many people get caught up on the hedonic treadmill where they assume that they'll be happy when they reach the next milestone. Gratitude allows us to be happy now, even though we continue to set new goals and push for self-improvement.

Finding this balance is critical for making continued progress that doesn't come at the expense of our health, well-being, or sanity. So every once in awhile stop, smell the proverbial roses, and reflect on how far you've come. There's a quote I've seen posted on every motivational Instagram page under the sun. It's always some variation of the following: "The you from 5 years ago would be proud of who you are today."

The fact that it's overused and cheesy doesn't detract from the validity of this statement. We often have a hard time realizing progress because it happens so incrementally. Being in the trenches and focused on daily actions is critical for growth, but this leads to a significant blind spot. We have to zoom out on occasion to compare our current position to our starting point.

Two regular practices have helped me to be more grateful and appreciative for what I have. First, I start each morning by writing down 1-3 specific things I'm thankful for. I also end each day by writing a daily win, something I'm proud of from that day. Second, I reflect on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The goal here is to look at the bigger picture, reassess goals, and appreciate the progress I've already made.

A fulfilling life requires riding the fine line between gratitude and dissatisfaction. It's okay to appreciate what you have while still wanting more. Also realize that if you can't be happy now, you certainly won't be happy when you achieve that thing you're working towards. So take a step back every once in awhile and be thankful for what you've already accomplished. Use these achievements as a means of appreciating life's journey before taking another big step forward into the future.

Hit List

The best things I've encountered this week:

Course I'm loving: 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

I have taken several computer science and software engineering courses in my earlier years. Recently, I wanted to dig back into Python because it's the primary programming language used in data analysis and finance. This course is easily the best one I have ever taken on any subject. If you're interested in learning to program in Python, I can't recommend it enough! (NOTE: This link includes a coupon code which should make things way more affordable; I do NOT receive any kickback or compensation for sharing it, I just love the quality of this course)

What I'm reading: The Maxwell Daily Reader by John C. Maxwell

This book was gifted to me by a close friend and I try and read an excerpt or two from it every day. Whether you follow along chronologically, or flip to a random page each day, I think you'll find immense value from the wisdom within.

Screenshot of the Week:

Quote of the Week:

"Appreciate what you have, because someone else is wishing for it.”- Karon Waddell

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