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Monday Velocity - The Rebrand

publishedabout 1 month ago
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The newsletter has gotten a bit of a makeover this week! I wanted to find a better way to brand it, and I also wanted to get better formatting for mobile devices. The name, Monday Velocity, is explained a bit more in depth below. As always, feel free to respond with feedback or suggestions; I personally read and respond to every email you guys send me!


What is velocity? In physics, it differs from speed in that velocity is a vector; velocity takes speed and adds a directional component.

Speed vs Velocity
Image courtesy of Brian Rhea

I recently read an article breaking down the difference between the two with regard to life, and it was a huge lightbulb moment for me. I'm just as guilty as anyone of being "busy" often. Business is speed; it is constant movement and high levels of activity.

The problem with being busy, is speed by itself is simply motion. Speed is not a vector, it has no inherent direction. Until you add that directional component, there is no way to know whether that speed and motion is moving you in a unified direction.

Velocity is what happens when we combine our activities with our goals. Constant movement is not necessarily positive, and it often detracts from our ability to pursue high-level actions. We must analyze our schedule and make sure that the things we spend time doing are still in line with our goals.

Take some time to assess your calendar; what activities would be considered speed, and how do you turn these activities into velocity? This exercise is helpful if done on a regular basis. Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, make sure your movement is leading you in the right direction.

Hit List

The most interesting things I've encountered this week

What I'm reading: Breath by James Nestor

This book was lent to me by a close friend from the gym. Breath work is a hotly discussed topic and the foundation for many mindfulness practices. Learning to breathe properly can create a number of physiological effects, from arousal to calming. Not many books do the history and science of breathing justice, and this is one of them!

What I'm watching: Greig Fraser on Shot Talk

Greig Fraser is most recently the DP (Director of Photography AKA the person in charge of executing the Director's visual ideas) for the movies Dune and The Batman. These are, in my opinion, two of the most visually beautiful films of the last year. I found this interview with him incredible because a) Lawrence Sher (the interviewer) works in the industry and asks great questions and b) you gain a better understanding of the scope required for a film like Dune to come together.

Quote of the week:

"It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go."
- Jim Rohn