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Weekly Recap - First Edition!

published9 months ago
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Hey everyone!

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Do Your Duty

The Hero Code can be purchased in many places, but there is a link below!

A book I recently polished off on a flight to another wedding (post-COVID wedding season crept up on me hard), is Admiral William H. McRaven's The Hero Code. This lovely little tome was just released on April 13th and, like all of Admiral McRaven's books, is an easily digestible, but surprisingly deep, guidebook on how to live life.

Each chapter summarizes a trait that is necessary for us to be an "everyday hero" which, ultimately boils down to just being a good person. The chapter which resonated most with me was the one titled "Duty."

One belief that I've always held is that it's critical to do the best job you can at whatever your job may be. For those here in New England, you are very aware of Bill Belichick's "do your job" mantra which has played a large part in the Patriots' football legacy. Quite simply, "doing our job" is something we all need more of.

Whatever you are doing in life, do it to the best of your ability. We can't predict where we will be in 5 years, or 10 years, but your work ethic will follow you everywhere you go. Whether you're cleaning toilets, flipping burgers, or an executive at a major company, leave no shred of doubt that you will always do the best you can. If you always strive to be the best at what you do, you will be afforded greater responsibility and greater opportunity in the future.

To purchase The Hero Code, simply click below:

Speaking of Books

Joey getting after it in the gym

Since we're talking about books, I am extremely proud of, and excited for, my friend Joey Mullaney who will be releasing his new book soon. For those who don't know Joey, he suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia; this rare genetic disease has left him confined to a wheelchair and causes gradual loss of strength and impaired hearth health, amongst other things.

Despite all this, Joey exercises regularly with our coaches in Boston, and he does so with a smile and many, many jokes. His new book, Stare at Me, releases on September 14th. I've already secured my copy, and I highly encourage you to buy one for yourself and one for someone in your life who needs an uplifting message. It's been a challenging year for all of us, and Joey's fighting spirit and positive attitude are just the medicine we need.

To preorder Stare at Me, use the link below:

Crypto Primer

I've had a number of conversations with people recently about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and, more specifically, the potential I see in the underlying technology. Web 3.0 and DeFi (if you don't know these terms yet, fear not, there is info below!) are making waves in the news, but many people don't fully understand them. My audience here likely has different levels of experience and knowledge, so I will share a couple different links to provide a shallow dive or a deep dive accordingly.

Long story short, I am still learning about this technology myself, but I am blown away at the ability of blockchain and smart contracts to regulate information in the future. A decentralized, blockchain-backed data system will empower us to own our data, and can solve a lot of the issues caused by the rapid growth and interconnection of our internet-era lives.

This underlying technology goes far beyond cryptocurrencies; many of you may be skeptical of Bitcoin or think that the valuations are nonsensical. Despite the dollar value of these currencies, it is my firm belief that blockchain technology and Web 3.0 are here to stay.

For a shallow dive, Morning Brew has compiled a blockchain guide HERE

For a much deeper dive into the possibilities of blockchain, Tim Ferris' recent podcast interview with Balaji Srinivasan is mind-blowing HERE (episode 506 for those listening on their phones/devices)

That will do it for this week! Please let me know what you liked, didn't like, and what you want to see more of. Do you want it to be longer, shorter? Do you want specific topics covered? Next week we will dive into some health topics and continue bringing in meaningful content related to performance, wellness, etc. Have a wonderful week, and remember to please forward this to your friends!

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