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Weekly Recap - Learn to Say No

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Happy Monday!

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This week we're discussing the importance of turning down some opportunities.

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Learn to Say No

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is actually costing you more than you realize. Allow me to pose a question: how many times do you commit to something, only to deeply regret doing so when the time actually comes to honor your commitment? The reason for this is because you inherently realize that, despite saying "yes" to whatever opportunity had presented itself, you almost always have something more important to do when the time comes.

To dive deeper, we must understand an important economic tenet called "opportunity cost." The opportunity cost of something is what you must give up in order to have that thing. When it comes to time specifically, every commitment that you take on costs you time that you could allot to other commitments. Most people are stingy with money and far too free with their time; I would strongly encourage you to flip that script. How much time are you wasting by saying yes too often? Couple this with the fact that time is, by far, our most valuable resource and you have a recipe for disaster.

I would further argue that a key reason you aren't achieving your goals is because you're agreeing to put too much on your plate. In this regard, your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you can't get the job done when it comes time to eat. When a good opportunity comes around, you may not even notice it because you're too focused on a packed calendar full of unnecessary commitments.

There are many things in life worth saying yes to; the problem is we often miss them because of our tendency to commit to unimportant things. I want you to better protect your calendar and, in turn, better protect your time. Spend it on the people and experiences that matter, on the moments that will propel you forward to a future you actually want.

A good framework was once presented to me for making these decisions, and I hope it's as helpful for you as it was for me. When confronted with a new opportunity, it needs to pass the "hell yes" test. If your initial, gut response when being asked isn't "hell yes" then you have to treat that opportunity as a "hell no." Trust me, no one wants to deal with your shitty attitude when you have to show up to something you shouldn't have committed to in the first place.

Hit List

The most interesting things I've encountered this week:

What I'm watching: "How to Be Great" by Steph Smith

Turns out the way to be great at something is simply to be good, repeatably. I stumbled across this blog post earlier this week and it resonated with me. I'm a sucker for turning goals into habits, and this article does a great job of explaining that framework.

What I'm listening to: Jerry Seinfeld on the Tim Ferris Show

This is a classic Tim Ferris podcast that expands on the framework in "How to Be Great." Jerry Seinfeld is largely a success because of his systems, not due to dumb luck or talent. If you want to know how possible it is for small steps to create large results, just listen to this episode.

Quote(s) of the week:

This week I'm hitting you with two quotes, because I find them that important:

"It's only by saying 'no' that you can concentrate on the things that are really important." - Steve Jobs

"The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." - Warren Buffet

That will do it for this week!

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