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Weekly Recap - This Too Shall Pass

published3 months ago
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Happy Monday!

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This week we are discussing how fickle and unpredictable life can be.

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This Too Shall Pass

I recently stumbled across a powerful video highlighting just how temporary life is. Initially, this may seem like a sad or depressing topic; when you stop and consider all factors, it's actually quite empowering. Nothing in life lasts forever, and this reality goes both ways. The good times are destined to pass us by, but the bad times are equally destined to pass us by.

The next time you are enduring a struggle, and life seems like it couldn't get any worse: "this too shall pass." No struggle lasts forever, and the sun will eventually rise after every dark night. My friends in the SEAL Teams often remarked on their time in Hell Week that the goal was just to make it to the next sunrise. If you find yourself awake on a new day, the pain becomes a bit easier to bear.

In the same vein, don't ever take life's beautiful moments for granted. Stop and smell the roses, enjoy good memories with great friends. When everything seems like it's going well, the sun is shining on your face, and you are overjoyed: "this too shall pass." The good moments will fade into memories, so don't ever assume that the rain will stay away just because the sun is out now.

One thing I studied as a chemist was the concept of entropy:

2. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
“a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme”

The universe is always aiming for disorder, despite our best efforts to control it. It's why life is so fleeting. Enjoy the good times, be present, take it all in. Know that the bad times will also pass when they're here. Grit your teeth and push through; just make it to the next sunrise. And all the while, pause and reflect on how beautiful this temporary life can be.

Hit List

The most interesting things I've read, heard, or encountered this week:

What I'm reading: Twelve and a Half by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book is your standard collection of lessons learned in business, but Gary's take and writing style are refreshingly entertaining nonetheless. Aside from being a good and easy read, the hardcover is currently on sale!

What I'm listening to: Lessons that matter most on the Masters of Scale podcast

This podcast is hosted by Reid Hoffman, the former co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn. This particular episode is a roundtable discussion with some of the podcast's most influential past guests. The lessons shared are hugely impactful for anyone with entrepreneurial tendencies.

Speaking of entrepreneurs: Digital Fitness Company Future Raises $75 Million in Funding

I like keeping my nose to the ground when it comes to startups and venture funding in the industries I'm involved in. For anyone else who cares, Future is a company backed by Kate Hudson, J.J. Watt, Rory McIlroy and Kevin Durant. Their aim is to pair users with coaches, something that other platforms have aimed to do in the past but failed to achieve.

Thought of the Week:

What can I automate?

Better stated: how can I invest my time now to save substantially more time later?

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