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Weekly Recap - Week of 1.17.22

published4 months ago
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Happy Monday!

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This week we focus on leadership, and just how important it is to practice what you preach.

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Walk the Talk

When it comes to leadership, one of the most important practices is leading by example. Having values that you hold dear is important, but these values are meaningless until they are put into action. Action is the component that makes values stick, especially in an organization that looks to you as its leader.

Imagine the following scenario: you are the CEO of a company, and have often spoken to your team about the value of honesty and integrity in all business dealings. You have claimed that it is the most important value to you as CEO, and therefore the most important value for the business.

Your company is about to close a deal with a big client. A feature you promised would be ready by the close of this deal is behind schedule. Company finances are in a tough spot, and you need this client to make your revenue goals for the quarter. The client is willing to sign the deal on good faith because they have had good experiences with you in the past and trust you.

In this situation you have two choices: You can be honest with them about the timeline on the new feature, and they may back out on the deal. If they do this, you will miss your projections and that may lead to the slow and steady demise of your business. On the other hand, even though you know the feature won't be ready in time, you can proceed as planned and keep this information from the client. What do you do?

If you go through with the deal, much-needed revenue will allow your company to stay afloat. This runway will enable you to keep pushing forward and stay alive to fight another day. The problem is, everyone on your team would know the reality of your actions.

This may allow your business to survive in the short term, but it would be detrimental in the long run. Your employees would get the hint that it's okay to lie as long as it brings money in the door. Your most important value of honesty is completely undermined by your direct actions as the leader. You didn't walk the talk, and your team culture will suffer because of it.

Understand that every action you take has consequences. If you are in a leadership position, these consequences affect not just you, but your teammates, coworkers, employees, and even your friends and family. If you don't back up your beliefs with your actions, it will undermine the weight of your words and destroy the culture you've worked so hard to create.

Hit List

The most interesting things I've read, heard, or encountered this week:

What I'm reading: What You Do Is Who You Are by Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz has accomplished a lot in his life. Most recently he co-founded Andreessen Horowitz, one of the world's top VC firms. This book is all about leadership and creating the right culture in your organization. From a man who has built and led many successful businesses, this is a great read.

Speaking of: Crypto Canon by A16Z

Andreessen Horowitz, or A16Z as it's known for short, put out a fantastic guide to Web3, crypto, and everything related to blockchain. As someone who is currently building a company in this space, I often try to find comprehensive resources I can send to friends to "on board" them. This is a great one!

What I'm listening to: Greenlights audiobook by Matthew McConaughey

I have recommended this book in a previous newsletter, but I have recently been listening to the audiobook. Everything I loved about reading the book is made that much better by McConaughey narrating the story. He adds detail, nuance, and great performances that really bring his writing to life.

An interesting article: Emotional wellness app Mine'd raises $3.5m seed round on TechCrunch

One benefit of the pandemic and the last couple of years is the shift in cultural appreciation of mental health and the very real struggles that we all face. Mine'd is an app that aims to connect people with emotional wellness resources, and was born from its founder's struggle to navigate life after a tough breakup. Fascinating read for anyone with interests where health and technology intersect.

My webcam course is live: Better Video Calls

For anyone who has been forced to work from home or take non-stop video calls, I created a guide to optimize your setup regardless of budget. If you don't want to buy the full guide, you can download a completely free equipment list to get you set up and started in no time. Check it out, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this with any professionals in your life who would benefit!

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